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Joan SotkinFrom Joan Sotkin
Santa Fe, NM

Dear Entrepreneur or Professional Practitioner,

Are you ready to…

Get rid of long-standing financial blocks, sabotaging behaviors, and unhealthy habits interfering with your prosperity while learning skills guaranteed to increase your income?

If you are, then read on.

My name is Joan Sotkin and for over 30 years, I’ve been helping small business owners and practitioners such as coaches, consultants, psychologists, healers, and financial advisors recognize and release the internal blocks that keep them from great success and prosperity.

And one of the most important things I’ve learned through experience is that it’s almost impossible to significantly alter financial habits and the emotions behind them by yourself.

That’s why in 2009, I started the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program, a unique ongoing support program for people who are serious about creating success and prosperity.

Here are some important facts you need to know:

  • You can’t build wealth or a successful business or practice if you have a lousy relationship with money. And at the heart of that relationship is your relationship with yourself!
  • Altering your habitual financial position or habits doesn’t happen overnight. As much as you’d like it to be quick and easy, the issues are deep and complex and it takes time to make effective change.
  • When you join together with other people who share your vision of success and prosperity and when you hear about their issues and solutions, you learn that you are not alone. You also learn to love, accept, and appreciate yourself on a whole new level.
  • Although developing a new financial identity is a process, you can experience positive changes in a short period of time.

An Effective Solution

In the years since the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program began in 2009 hundreds of business owners and practitioners have made incredible progress.

Like them you will be able to:

  • Replace financial fear and insecurity with a sense of confidence and safety
  • Develop beliefs about wealth, wealthy people, and your ability to prosper that will lead to lasting prosperity
  • Learn to replace self-criticism with self-love, acceptance, acknowledgement, and appreciation.
  • Feel less alone and more connected to people who appreciate and support you on many levels
  • Become habituated to satisfaction and success so you easily manifest what you want.
  • Recognize and replace the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are holding you back
  • Deal with your resistance to change
  • Experience deep inner peace

At the same time, you will also learn the real-world financial and business-building skills that will help you:

  • Comfortably manage your money.
  • Gradually replace any destructive financial behaviors with those that support a prosperous lifestyle.
  • Learn wealth-building secrets shared by millionaires

I understand the struggle…

Everything I teach and all the information in the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program, on, and in my book Build Your Money Muscles developed as a result of my own struggle with both emotional and financial issues.

I struggled financially in almost every way possible: homelessness, bankruptcy, business failure, and thinking that I’d never have enough or be enough. In addition, I had a long list of physical and emotional problems.

But I was determined to find my way to health and prosperity while staying true to the spiritual principles that guided me.

Slowly but surely, I found my way. Now, I live a really comfortable life – exactly the way I want to live it.

People I work with as a coach quickly feel that I truly understand their struggles because I’ve been there too. I have felt what they feel, I’ve made similar financial mistakes, and I’ve had to overcome family-of-origin issues that held me back.

As a result of my own journey to health and prosperity, what you will learn on the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program is not found in books or courses on prosperity.

Because of my belief that we create our life stories with our emotions, I’ve spent years learning about the emotions that people act out through money and how to release and replace the emotions that get in the way of building both peace of mind and prosperity

It has become clear that I know more about the relationship between money and emotions than just about anyone else – and that understanding can help you move forward without long-term therapy. My highly-tuned intuitive sense allows me to rapidly hone in on the emotional issues behind financial behaviors.

The Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program Is for You if You:

  • Are tired of struggling financially
  • Want to build a strong business or practice, even if you’re just beginning
  • Feel frustrated, trapped, or limited by, or ashamed of your current financial position
  • Need to gain clarity about how to proceed successfully
  • Want to connect to like-minded people who share your vision of a prosperous future
  • Are open to learning proven techniques that can effectively alter your financial position and help you build a successful business or practice

Here’s What’s Included in the Program

Two Live Teleclasses per Month

You can attend these teleclasses by phone, listen to the streaming audio online, or download the recording.

The calls offer practical solutions for moving you forward both emotionally and financially.

Calls are interactive and those who wish to be coached are If you can’t attend a live call, you can ask questions in advance that will be answered during the next teleclass. Recordings are available of all past teleclasses..

Magic happens during the teleclasses because when one person speaks or is being coached, everyone on the call can relate to what is being said. This enhances the sense of connection and hastens healing.

“I just listened to the teleclass about the Identity Factor. It was helpful beyond words. Thank you so much.” Susan S.

“Thank you for your insights and clarity when you coached me during the POMP call last night. You are appreciated.” Deborah H.

“I love the way you help me see everything from a new perspective — one that let’s me not take myself so seriously. Your humor combined with compassion and acceptance are healing. Barbara T.

Ongoing Inspirations, Reminders, Wealth-Building Strategies and More

Every three days or four days you receive an e-mail designed to gradually move you forward one step at a time. These short emails take just a few minutes to read and implement and provide endless inspiration.

Almost effortlessly, you will find yourself making gradual yet significant changes that will improve your life and your finances.

The emails cover a variety of topics that range from recognizing and releasing emotional blocks to real-world skills for managing money and building a successful business.

“I print out almost every e-mail you send and contemplate it for a day or two. I find that what you write seeps in slowly but surely, allowing me to make small changes that are affecting me in a big way.” Linda D.

“I appreciate that I can participate in this program without spending a lot of time. You make it all seems so easy.” Michael L.

NEW! The Entire Build Your Money Muscles® Training Program

This program was originally offered separately for $297. Now it is included as part of the very affordable Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program.

This program is designed to be completed over a six-month period and includes six separate modules. Each module includes:

Two Unique Audios with Transcripts

One deals with your internal issues  helping you develop the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that will aid you in attracting the resources you need to live a comfortable, secure life.

The other monthly audio teaches you the important financial skills  that will keep you from overspending and debting while growing financially stronger and more stable and secure.

The audios cover topics designed to help you heal the emotions keeping you stuck financially, allowing you to drastically improve your relationship with money, while developing both the inner skills you need to succeed – like a finely honed intuition – and the basic financial habits that can insure your success.

Transcripts of each audio are provided for ease of use.

A Step-by-Step Workbook for Each Module

Each workbook is coordinated with the audios and will gently guide you to move from your current position – no matter what it is – to one that is more comfortable, fulfilling, and prosperous.

The workbook is easy to use and provides a permanent record of your progress.

Energy Psychology Techniques Instructions

Learn the basics of Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), the Power Word Technique and more. Through audios, videos, and written material, you will be able use these powerful tools to rapidly eliminate emotional blocks.

Each month, treatments for specific issues, such as financial fear and low-self-esteen, are included either on the audio or in the workbook, or both.

A Resource Section

Here you’ll find more audios, videos, ebooks, including my award-winning book Build Your Money Muscles, links to helpful online resources and more.

This section alone provides valuable information and guidance.

Read These Comments

Mark Gordon
“Four years ago, as a result of heart surgery, I was deep in debt and owed the IRS a fortune. I thought I’d never get out from under the burden of the debts. I stumbled upon, bought Joan’s book and attended two of her programs, what is now the Build Your Money Muscles Training Program and the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program. I’ve also had some one-to-one coaching sessions. I’m a loyal fan.

What matters is that not only am I free from all the past debts, I’m doing exactly what I want to do in my business and each year, I do better financially. Joan offers very practical, easy-to-follow advice and information, and she offers a window into the world of emotions not available anywhere else. I’m grateful for the gentle and wise guidance she provides.”

Ronda Torch
Business Owner
“My business was at a nice place, though not growing as well as I wanted it to, until I started working with Joan.. I attended Joan’s Prosperity Group in Santa Fe, read Build Your Money Muscles, and also did some individual coaching sessions with her. The results of following her suggestions have been fantastic. Last year my business grossed in the mid-six figures. I have no debt, own a wonderful house that’s almost paid for, and have a very healthy savings/investment account. What’s more important, I feel financially secure in the midst of an uncertain economy.

“Joan’s approach is grounded and realistic and she breaks down everything into easy-to-follow steps. I highly recommend her book, her groups and individual coaching.”

George C. Huang, M.D.
Chief Freedom Officer and Rapid Revenue Acceleration Specialist
I’ve been a fan of Joan Sotkin and her programs since 2002. I was looking for resources to help my clients, but I found that I’ve benefitted from her work myself! Joan’s approach to dealing with money makes good common sense. Yet, throughout her extensive library of programs and products, she gets you to work on the deeper underlying issues that go far beyond the intellect. No one can match her insights into the connection between money and emotions and how family-of-origin issues affect a person’s finances.

I have a great deal of respect and trust for Joan and have referred a number of my own clients to her. She has the unique gift of being “ruthlessly compassionate” when dealing with sensitive issues that frequently arise around the topic of money. Anyone who wants to increase their earning power can benefit from the information in her books, audios, and the various programs she offers.

Jim Bouchard
Professional Speaker, Personal Power Expert
Joan changed forever my relationship with money! She explains clearly how important it is to develop a healthy, satisfying relationship that leads to authentic prosperity and offers practical suggestions for making it happen. I have only one thing to say about Joan’s program: “Do it! NOW!”

John King
I learned more about the origins of my money problems and solutions to them from Joan in her six-month program than I did in my previous 60 plus years on the planet. She really knows her stuff! I cannot recommend the six-month program strongly enough!

Mike Camoin
Independent Filmaker

Before studying BYMM principles, I lived in fear of my money issues. Now, I can approach everything with greater clarity and emotional stability. It’s great to have the BYMM skill set at my ready. I use it daily and probably always will. I’ve never felt better about myself, my money, my business, and my life. BYMM is clearly an investment that keeps giving back!

Mireille Ogbolu

I have been on a personal development path for many years, but it wasn’t until I came in contact with Joan’s work that I really started to make changes. The BYMM program has helped me take better care of my money and my relationships, for which I am forever grateful…

Here’s Your NO-RISK 14-DAY FREE TRIAL Offer!

Since the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program is a new concept, I want you to try it to see if it’s a fit for you.

Sign up for the program today, and you won’t be charged for a full 14 days.

During your free trial, you can attend one teleclass, have access to all past teleclasses, and you’ll receive the first four Reminder Emails. You will also have access to all the Month 1 files of the Build Your Money Muscles Training Program.

If you don’t cancel during the 14 days, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the program for the ridiculously low investment of $27 per month. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Join today and receive these bonuses! 

Special Bonus #1

Understanding the Identity Factor – MP3
Learn how this mechanism is keeping you from moving forward and what you can do to reverse its effect.

Special Bonus #2

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) Basics + Treatments (PDF and MP3)
Learn the basic treatment protocol for this highly effective emotional clearing technique. Also included with this Bonus is a series of treatments for low self image and a less-than-enough or just-enough financial habit PLUS an audio download of the treatment.

Special Bonus #3

The Seven-Step Process (PDF and MP3)
This easy-to-learn technique can be used whenever you realize that you are uncomfortable with the people, events or any situation in your life. They will heighten your understanding of why you have created your problems and help you identify the patterns of your life stories. Once you do this, you can break the patterns and establish new ones.

Special Bonus #4

Build Your Money Muscles E-Book
Joan’s book serves as the basis for her teachings and it’s yours to use and keep when you join this program.

Special Super Bonus #5

A 25% discount on Joan’s 1-to-1 Coaching Services
When members of the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program want additional coaching, it is available to them at a 25% discount.

A Program Like No Other

I understand you might be tired and frustrated with books and programs promising to teach you how to get out of debt, trade stocks, buy real estate, make $1 Million, or experience financial relief. . . and finding nothing more than shallow promises and impossible advice to follow.

That won’t happen with the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program because it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Here you’ll learn the secrets as to why those other books or programs didn’t work for you. And you’ll discover the practical steps that will lead you to the financial freedom you crave.

It’s fair to say these must-have steps fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle and give you a complete, easy-to-follow plan so you can finally realize your financial dreams.

More money is not going to solve all of your problems. I know lots of people who have millions of dollars, yet they spend much of their time in fear — worrying that they are going to lose what they have or thinking that just a little bit more would make the secure.

The fact is that unless you deal with the emotional issues behind your finances and until you connect to the deeper parts of yourself that can lead you to what you need to fulfill your life’s purpose, the emptiness inside is not going to go away.

This integrated program has three distinct advantages over any other program you will find.

  • The program is holistic. It addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual issues as well as helping you to develop the financial skills you need to effectively deal with money.
  • The program recognizes your natural resistance to making significant changes in the way you think, feel, and behave. An integral part of the program is exercises for overcoming this resistance as well as the support of others on the program to keep you on track.
  • The materials are meant to gently guide you to a new financial position and a new way of looking at your life. You can work through the materials at your own pace while keeping in touch with others on the program for support.

Whether it’s saving for retirement, going on a dream vacation, or sending your kids to a better college — or simply living day to day without worrying about money — once you know the special ingredients that you’ll only find in this program, you will be able to make those dreams come true.

Despite what’s going on in the world economy, you CAN prosper — and feel good about your money and yourself — and I want to help you do it.


Karen Halseth

Joan I want acknowledge you for providing a comprehensive program with a high level of support. I have experienced both dramatic and subtle shifts during my 6 months in the program. Most notably, I am no longer completely in the dark about my finances, living with my head buried in shame at the thought of what may be there. By looking closely at what is true with my money it becomes less threatening and I am able to make peace with it. I am making better choices with my spending and feel empowered to create an enhanced financial future.  

Susan Wulfekuhler Sanford
Spiritual Counselor

I felt stuck in a “not-enough” mentality. Through participating in the Build Your Money Muscles program, I have moved out of that stuckness and am taking steps towards financial comfort and security. Joan’s approach works – stressing that changing long-held habits takes time, and acknowledging successes along the way. Joan dishes out “kick-butt” coaching along with abundant compassion. A potent combination.  

Take the First Step Today!

Are you ready to move your life forward and make this your time to prosper? With the help you’ll get from the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program, you can be on your way today!

I hope you’ll give our 14-Day Free Trial a try. Click here to get started.

I look forward to working with you.


Joan Sotkin
President and Founder of
Author of Build Your Money Muscles


P.S. After you sign up, you will receive information about how to access our special Private Site that has all of the information and content for the Peace of Mind & Prosperity Program.

A Debt-Free Business
“I've gained more clarity and awareness about handling my finances and dealing with uncomfortable emotions. POMP (Peace of Mind & Prosperity) has bridged the gap between how I feel and my behavior with money in such a profound way that I am able to make wiser, more productive choices. Since doing the work, my life has changed so dramatically that I now own a home instead of rent and run a successful business debt-free, recently opening up a commercial space, which will allow more visibility and revenue. A whole new world! Thank you, Joan. Cat Wong.

Financial Turn-Around
"The POMP calls have helped me turn around my money issues. In the past, I would be thrifty, then spend extravagantly, then beat myself up for it. Guilt about money was a habit. Now, I'm much more aware of my money. I consider major purchases more carefully. I know how much I'm spending, AND how much cash I have on hand. I finally have peace of mind." Catherine J.

Love the Buddy System
My positive results are not in the sense of lots of money rolling in since starting the program, but I like the regular short emails that I can read quickly that are relevant and to the point. I have benefitted from the buddy system, helping to keep me focused and I get a lot out of the teleclasses. There is a ton of very good material in the program which can only help if we take the time to actually go through the exercises. Thank you Joan for your approach.” Robin V, New Zealand

Earning More
"I'm on my way to making money doing something that I love, which means a lot to me. Your teaching about the Identity Factor was an important part of my transformation." John King Germany

Just What I Need
"You often seem to know how to read your audience, and what topics you explore are usually exactly what I need to hear." Grace Kerr

Has Learned a Lot
“I have learned so much from being on the POMP teleseminar for the past year. Joan is quick, funny, and supportive. She knows very quickly where our stuck places are and can tell us how we might release them. I now recognize when I am in a money complex and can take appropriate action. Thanks, Joan.” Marilyn M, Santa Fe, NM

Program a Blessing
"I like the peace and energy I feel after your calls. The program is a blessing." Sonny D.

Debt-Free Now!
"I was able to completely pay off my credit card debts and get a fresh start on dealing with my finances in a new and more conscious way. What I learned from your calls and other offerings helped me in making the shift." Jody L.

On Target
"You have an exceptional talent for accurately putting feelings into words. The first time I listened to the audios I've downloaded, there were so many times that tears came flooding forth because your words were so on-target." - Carol Gillette

All Aspects of Prosperity
"Membership in your program gives one continually new information on all aspects of prosperity, of which money is just one. Thank you, Joan Sotkin, for this wonderful site, the information about so many prosperity-related topics, and the comfort in knowing that more support is just a telephone call away." J. S. Loomis, CA

Feels Understood
"It is not just the reasoning and the logic you use to explain how our family of origin affects our finances, but all the compassion and love behind your words. I've never felt more understood in my whole life." Antonio Mlero

An Integrated Approach
"You expand traditional study to include more spiritual aspects and self-analysis, which provide a more meaningful and integrated approach to success and prosperity" Frank Habit